Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Maybelline - Total Temptation (NEW RELEASE)

Maybelline dropped a new range only days ago called 'Total Temptation'. In their range they have bought out a brow definer, a mascara and a shadow and highlighting palette. SO, let me share a little more with you...

Mascara (£8.99)

This was the first product that caught my eye. The baby pick packaging and chizzled edge definitely did it for me. From just taking a look by not actually experimenting with the formular yet, it is a thick consistency and feels as if it should give my lashes lots of definition. It has a nice thick wand and I approve of the size. They have also released a waterproof version in the same range in a baby blue tube.

What I don't like about this mascara (only down to personal preference) is the scent. This is actually a scented product - how crazy! It smells exactly of Malibu (the alcoholic drink) which TOTALLY puts me off but that's by the by. Some people are going to LOVE the coconut scented product but it has too much of that alcoholic twinge for me to crack. It's also a very sweet coconut scent instead of nutty coconut - if you get my drift HAHA.

Eye brow Definer Pencil (£7.99)

Straight away I am happy. I will ALWAYS appreciate an eyebrow pencil which has a spoolie and this one is staring at me through the translucent lid. At the other end of the pencil, the crayon is on a twisty lid instead of being a pencil that needs sharpening (super convenient) and is moulded into a kite shape. Not too sure of the shape of the head but we can work with it and experiment later on. Maybelline have released this in 4 different shades, blonde, soft brown, medium brown and deep brown. They are consistent with the baby pink packaging however this feels slightly more cheap and plasticky compared to the Mascara. But as long as the product does a good job right?!

Shadow & Highlighting Palette (£11.99)

PERFECT timing to release such georgous warm eye-shadow shades Maybelline, you have made me proud. I wasn't drawn to this palette. It was just 'okay' but after looking more into it I have adjusted slightly. I love how you can create many different looks with this but straight away if you're not as adventurous with make-up you are presented with the two 'sides' of this palette. The slightly warmer shades and slightly cooler and more glam shades, which makes it magical for having a day time and night time look ALL IN ONE PALETTE. Now i'm making myself more excited...

The left hand sides orangey, bronzey toned shades are screaming summer and the way the product is presented in the wavy pattern connotes sea, sand and sun - I WANT TO BE ON HOLIDAY!
After having a few little swatches, the shades are sparkly and creamy and if you look up close you can tell they are going to be a super nice consistency. I can't wait to get testing these!


I am impressed - glad to have gotten my hands on these products and I can't wait to test them out. I must also mention that as drug store products, I can't complain on the prices - they aren't anything to my surprise and you can always be guaranteed to get good quality for the money you spend on drug store products. Some times buying a luxury product that can cost 5x the amount is just has good as your typical favourite drugstore brand!

Make sure you are following my Instagram to see me try them out and be up-to-date with the current products I am using and loving and talking about!

I hope you have a lovely day!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Monday Detox

Happy Monday (again).

I am writing this after my first day of trying to be a better version of myself. I have written a list of things I want to change, I want to achieve and I want to overcome.

Reflecting back on today only, I have gone (almost) a full day without eating carbs. I haven't binged on any crappy foods and consumed more protein. Food goals? - Check.

I have hosted a bloggers chat, written up 2 posts, taken some Instagrams and done a shoot. Get back into the swing of blogging? - Check.

I have tidied, gotten organised for tomorrow and prepped some lunch. Get more organised? - Check.

It might only be Monday but I feel as if I have my life together so we're going to roll with it and i'm hopefully going to radiate my motivation and positivity onto you today! Here are some ways of self-love, self-motivation and ways in which you can inspire yourself to be a better version of you!

- Prep meals and snacks if you're trying to eat healthier. Future you will thank you in the morning for that extra 20 mins in bed and you're less likely going to chomp on that chocolate bar you're going to have to walk to the shop to buy...

- Mix up the food you eat (especially when you're being stricter with your diet), a variety will make it less boring and you'll be more likely to stick with it

- Do something you love! I recently posted about this (read here) and how important it is to ensure you find something that gives you motivation and something to invest all of your time into. 

- 'A tidy home means a tidy mind'. I am not the tidiest of people but I DO feel less stressed and more motivated when my personal space is clean and tidy (small hack I promise)

- EAT PROTEIN - consume as much protein as you can and CUT THOSE CARBS. I promise that your body will love you for it

- Make a Pinterest page. Even if you are already super motivated, get yourself on Pinterest because if you ever need any ideas or motivation or inspiration than that is the place to be. I make boards all the time for random rubbish as a place to store my ideas. Creative visuals are super fun!

- Please, please, please don't forget about a healthy work-life balance. You are so important

- Drink water (you can make drinking water so much more fun! Future post coming soon - keep ya eyes peeled!)

I hope you enjoyed today's nice easy going post. A small reminder or change can make big impact on your life whether it just makes it that tiny bit more simplier or changes your complete mindset!

I hope you have a lovely day!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

January Empties

Introducing a new post type! Empties that I've been collecting, I mean it might not be that exciting for you but I've gathered a little collection over the past few weeks and I can't wait to share with you the different products that I've used up and clearly been loving! My goal for this whole year to make a collection of all my empties and do a huge post at the end showing you everything that I've been committed to using overtime - how exciting! Has anyone else seen any posts like this? Share them with me as I've love to have a read. 

Moroccan Oil Treatment - If you've not already seen, I've raved about this not so long ago. You can read it here. My hair LIVES for this stuff. This 25ml bottle lasted me almost a whole year! Can you believe it! Because you don't need to use much of the product (a little goes a loooong way, trust me) it's extra long lasting and you're 100% getting your money's worth.

Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick - I'm very nearly, almost to the end of Velvet Ted, one of my most loved go-to shades. It's a brilliant everyday colour to throw on, glides onto your lips and doesn't need to be topped up throughout the day - what more could anyone ask for! I'm now going to be opening my 4th Velvet Teddy lipstick from Mac and reflecting on this, seems like it might just be in my make-up collection forever.

Almond Nail and Hand Cream - By one of my most favourite and loved brands, The Body Shop. There is deffo something about that place that I just can't get enough of. Yet again, I've polished off another tube of this stuff. Not only will you have super smooth hands, essential for everyone but you'll smell blissful with its sweet burst of almond oil. I'd definitely describe the perfect formula for hand creams as hard-to-find. I've not found many that come close to my 'dream' product but this ticks all of the boxes. 

Zoella Lazy Days Candle - Having an empty product is usually a sign that you have loved what you've been currently using, yes there is a but. Unfortunately for me I wasn't an overall massive fan of the Zoella - Lazy Days candle. Don't get me wrong, I clearly liked it enough to burn it all the way down to the end but I still can't figure it out if it was to cover the smell of wet dog on occasion or just because I generally enjoyed it... It's your typical 'freshly scented' candle but nothing compared to Yankee Candles or Woodwick Candles. But I mean it was empty so I had to feature it!

BiorĂ© Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips - This is a new one for me - these Charcoal pore strips are something that I've heard about for a long time but never used myself. So I took the plunge and got my hands on some, these are the first ones that I came across and believe it or not also a first time using the brand, BiorĂ©. These are SO satisfying. Yes, it's all probably a bit gross, pulling out all of the dirt thats under your skin but taking off the strip and removing the toughest of dirt that you couldn't even see really does make me believe that it's 'deep cleansing' and to it's finest! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what some of your most recent empties are. 

I hope you have a lovely day.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Have We Seen The End of Gucci?

As I stare at my blank page before writing this post, I don't know what note this post is going to end on or what word vomit is going to come out of it but we are all going to roll with it.

There seems to be this craze venturing around the internet these past few months. There are lots of YouTube videos, Instagram pictures and look-a-like dupes of Gucci products EVERYWHERE. It's plastered all over my social media, I was getting sucked into those luxurious white bags and boxes with jet black borders and 'Gucci' embedded on the front, not to mention those precious maroon, floral print boxes. Stop. No. Never have I been interested in Gucci before so why would I suddenly start now? I wouldn't be, unless I was pressured to be by the internet... So of course I found myself pondering round the Gucci website to get a real feel for how much these products are. For myself, I specifically had in mind a thick chunky belt with the gold 'GG' on the front. You know the one? Yeah that one that everyone is buying. I mean it's real nice and would go fab with some of my high waisted jeans but NOT FOR OVER £1000!! ARE YOU CRAZY!! I can't believe I want considering it for a second. 

I've got to stay open-minded here but not even I could justify spending some of their prices of pieces of clothing and I pay crazy money for some crazy things. A well known saying that you've probably heard of is 'you're just paying for the name'. What a BORE right? But it's true and it may be because Gucci is a brand that doesn't connect with me but i'd much rather take my £1000 for my belt and drown myself in bags and bags full of make-up and skin care but it's the same concept right? At least I am getting more for my money than just the 1 item. 

Suddenly I am seeing Gucci everywhere, they are blooming at the moment. And talking of blooming of course I bought myself their new fragrance 'Gucci Bloom'. It was a while back now, when it first came out but I just had to buy it. The packaging is beautiful and sophisticated, not to mention the bottle. It was definitely something about that opaque bottle for sure! Tragic right? I spent a ridiculous amount of money of a scent that I just smelt but knew I was going to buy either way (side note - I do like the scent but it would never be my go-to and it's different to what I normally go for) but mainly for what it looked like and because everyone was talking about it. This is something that is deffo staying in 2017 - no more buying because the internet told me to do so! I just couldn't help myself. 

Back to this Gucci craze, it started with sliders and blossomed to their fragrance and transformed into belts. Now we're moving onto clothing and who knew we would get to this stage?! The most expensive stage we could reach! Where did this come from? How long will it last? Which brand will be next?

There is something so crazy about word of mouth and how different products and trends come in and out of fashion. So, I ask myself the question of this post, have we seen the end of Gucci? We saw Gucci arise nearer the end of 2017 but I think there is still more to come. I predict that Gucci still has time where they are going to release a range that everyone is going to go mad for or a already existing product is going to arise alongside the belts, sliders and perfume. Who knows. I feel as if You-Tubers have definitely hit the craze hard but more of the general public are yet to save their pennies and splash out - how long will Gucci stay popular?! It won't last forever until it's another brands time to SHINE.

What are your opinions on the whole Gucci craze at the moment? I can't be the only one to have noticed it - my sub box is drowning in Gucci madness and over Christmas was the WORST. Those generic thumbnails with the Gucci bags where flying around everywhere. 

Let me know if you have any products from Gucci - what is your fave and how do you justify spending so much money on luxury products?

I hope you enjoyed today's side track post. A fun little extra one for you, hopefully to start up come discussion! :) 

I hope you have a lovely day.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Discover Something You Love

There is something empowering about having something that your cherish and feel nothing but pure excitement about in your core when it comes to your free time. Time feels like it doesn’t exist and you wish it didn’t so you could spend endless amounts of time doing what you love doing. They are your hobbies that all you can see in your dreams is doing it full time as a job and earning a living off of it. It’s the life goal. 

Happy Monday and welcome to today's post when you're going to be sprinkled with joy by having an array of photos of me very bare faced and very intrigued staring into posts of exfoliators (by one of my fave ever beauty brands - The Body Shop) and most probably wondering all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Please do enjoy!

For me, this ‘thing’ is beauty. I love seeing the brand new releases from my favourite brands, I love scrolling through endless amounts of posts throughout the social media platforms to discover what’s new and upcoming, what other people’s opinions are on specific products, learning more information about brands and the industry. I like watching documentaries and hearing controversial opinion. I love buying the cheapest cleansers to test out. I love delving into luxury brands and spending ridiculous amounts of money to be less disappointed by the product which I then write about. I love building my collection of make up and growing my skin care products. It something I’m passionate about, it something I look forward to putting on every morning, it’s something I love to talk about, to look at how other people choose to style themselves. I’m intrigued, fascinated and overwhelmed by the subject and being about to be so passionate about something is exciting. It brings a whole bunch of happiness and an element of fun to life for me. 

Everyone should have something that they love doing and they should do it more often and work hard at it! I am a strong believer that hard work will make you sail through life. But you’ve got to do the hard work before it will pay off. You might be in a situation where you haven’t discovered something that you love yet. I haven’t loved beauty forever. I’ve taken pride in my appearance, worn make up for many years and transformed my hair through almost every colour of the rainbow but I never found a passion for it until about 1/2 years ago. Now I really indulge into the industry and make myself soak it all up through social media, through the stores and through products. 

One thing I find myself saying quite often is ‘there’s so much more learning to do’. Apply to every situation because it is a perfect fit. You can never know everything and there is always going to be a way that you can dig deeper to find out more information and learn something new. Even if it is steering away from the original topic slightly. I like discovering new things and learning is the way in which you are going to do this. Research. Listen. Get out there invest your time into something that brings you happiness. You’ll grow as a person and develop your skills. 

Happy Monday. Have a wonderful week and let me know what your hobbies, skills and passions are. Is there anything that you want to work harder towards? 

I hope you have a lovely day. 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Review; Moroccanoil Treatment

Nothing is more precious than my hair. I’m so selective on who cuts and styles it, it’s taken me SO along to grow it to the length that I am happy with, I don’t dream of risking the it's legnth. As it’s grown longer overtime it’s gotten hard to manage. It gets so knotted once it has been washed that I have to make sure I’ve got the time to be able to ensure it’s properly brushed through which is a job in itself! 

Until I discovered using Moroccanoil treatment on damp hair. I’ve used Morrocanoil treatment on my hair for a while now but I’ve only ever used it on dry hair, once I’ve straightened it. It’s like putting highlighter on your cheek bones, it goes from matte to shiny and blinding but for your hair! Not to mention how super soft your hair is and I swear that it keeps it straighter for longer! I recall a few years ago I was given some hair vouchers and with my left over money I decided to buy my own little bottle of Moroccanoil treatment which literally lasted me up until half way through last year. However, after recently going to the hairdressers (something I don't do often) my lovely lady gave me an insight to applying it to damp hair, something I'd never even considered before and when she went to brush it, it worked a dream. There were no tears, no awful faces pulled nor clumps of hair falling out (this is also down to the trusty good old tangle teasers - if you don't have one of these you HAVE to get one. I swear by them). I already was having a melt down due to the fact I ran out of this magical oil BEFORE I discovered that it was going to solve every single hair issue I had. But it was (almost) at the top of my Christmas list so I knew there was no point buying myself some.

Suprised to recieve some on Christmas day? No. Overjoyed? 100%, it was a relief and I couldn't of been happier opening that present. Just to add to the bonus, I didn't just recieve the hair oil but it was a 'special edition' which came with a CANDLE. Yes. You heard it here. Let me reitterate, A FRICKEN CANDLE... IN THE SAME SCENT OF THE HAIR TREATMENT... and it is incredible. Despite it's magical ways of turning your hair into a masterpiece, it also comes with the most unique scent. It is floral and fresh and is very cozy. For them to make it in a candle has to be one of the best things however it's so small but this might just be because it comes with the oil. My question now is, can you buy this in a bigger version and if you can WHERE CAN I GET IT?! I promise that everyone needs this in their life. It is amazing.

The brand also has many other products but I personally know them best for their treatment oil. This can definatley be overused though. You don't need a lot. A little definatley goes a long way and if you over use it, you will have greasy hair! TOP TIP; Avoid using it directly onto the roots, chances are you won't need to use any at all on your roots. Focus on the ends of your hair, normally this is where your hair becomes drier. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and come back tomorrow for another! Let me know if you have every used any of Moroccanoil's products.

I hope you had a lovely day!

Friday, 5 January 2018

Rekindling (Skin Care Edition)

On average I get the opportunity to visit a Lush store once a year, occasionally twice. I can order online as much as I need but it's never the same as visitng a store and having a good look and try and smell yourself. Especially smell. What a nightmare it is when a product shows up and you are left feeling queasy by the scent. Well over November and December I got to visit 2 different Lush stores, once in London and once in Brighton. 

I went MAD. I bought lots of thing's that I new I loved and stocked up on everything that I have previously used but ran out of and now repurchased again. When I was suprised with the opportunity to go back for a second time a month later, I couldn't get enough of their products so picked up as much as I could and took it as an opportunity to experiment and play around with things that I hadn't yet come across. I spent a good hour looking around, reading about the products and testing them out of the back of my hands, something that every beauty fanatic will know well.

I am now obsessed with Lush and their products and I've had a bath for the previous 3 nights in a row and I am throughtly enjoying my pamper evenings and having lots of 'me' time. Yaaas. 

Here are the products that I have picked up over the past few months. I have included a bit more info from the product descriptions as well as my own opinion on some of the products that I have tried so far;

'Whoosh' - Shower Jelly - This is a product that is in a jelly formular which you use to wash yourself like you would a bar of soap. It is infused with fresh citrus juices and seaweed. You can also put this in the freezer to make it a super chilly.

'Prince' - Shaving Cream - This is infused with triple orange blossom. It doesn't have a prominent scent but does what it needs to do!

'The Birth of Venus' - Jelly Face Mask - This can be used by simplying pinching off some jelly and working it inbetween dry hands to form into a paste. It's made with fresh sea water, soothing lavender and chamomile for perfectly balanced skin. It smells super fresh but I haven't had the chance to try this out for myself yet.

'1000 Millihelens' - Jelly Face Mask - This includes toning witch hazel and antioxidant green tea. 

'Ultrabland' - Facial Cleanser - I have used this product for a good few years now. It is a super gentle facial cleanser which is rich, soft and oily but perfect for all skin types.

'Lemony Butter' - Cuticle Butter - This has a strong zingy lemon fragrance which smells amazing. When throughly rubbed it, a chocolately scent comes through, a lot less fresh than the lemon. A little goes a long way with the product and it can be used on any part of the body. It is reccomended to use on hard, dry bits of the skin, especially the cuticles.

'Volcano' - Foot Mask - This is a papaya, pumice and tomato clay that you cover your feet in before wrapping them up in plastic to keep the product from drying out. Unwrap your feet after 10 minuites and rub the mask into areas of dead skin for a few minuites then rinse it all off!

'Dark Angels' - Face and Body Cleanser - This includes avocado oil and charcoal powder which is designed for a more exfoliating and absorbent cleanse. It forms into a paste once rubbed together and to note... it's black! How funky.

'Salted Coconut' - Hand Scrub - This is a creamy coconut and sea salt scrub. This gives your hands a good polish, especially when applied to the rougher areas. Great to use when your hands are dry or to remove dirt!

'Silky Underwear' - Dusting Powder - This is a light jasmine scented powder added with cocoa butter to leave youjr skin feeling smooth. It smells soooo good and should be applied to clean, dry skin.

'Snow Fairy' - Shower Gel - Oldie but always a newbie when Christmas comes around. Obviously I am going to stock up on one of my fave Lush scents. It's a candy sweet scent with bits of glitter in.

'Berry Berry Christmas' - Shower Gel - This is a fruity scented body wash, infused with cranberry and blueberry juice. This also has the odd bit of sparkle in with sweet orange and bergamot oils.

'Breath of Fresh Air' - Toner Water - This can be spritz directly onto the face or onto a cotton bud to wipe away dirt.

'Eau Roma Water' - Toner Water - This is my fave toner water which I swear by. It made my skin so super soft also super hydrating.

I am very happy to of rekindled my love for Lush as a brand and connecting back with their products. If you would like me to review any of these products listed then let me know as I will be doing a reviewing week in the near future.

I hope you have a lovely day!