Friday, 20 October 2017

Primark Holographic/Metallic Falsies Review

Let's be clear here, you can love a brand and dislike some of their products. Brands are releasing new products, content and merchandise all round the clock. Everyone is trying to produce new, exciting ranges that is going to grab a wide audience. However, there are times that your favourite brands are going to release things that you don't like the look of or you try out and you're not impressed with and thats okay. 

Today I want to give an honest review revoloving around the Primark Beauty collection again. Previously, I wrote up a first impressions on their lip kits. Give it a read if you'd like to find out more! This time I am reviewing their metallic and holographic false nails. I have been breifly reflecting on some of my previous reviews and times have changed, products evlove, our views change and we move forward. I want to strip down the sugar coating the negatives that I find in products or things I don't like. So off we go! I hope you enjoy today's review and don't forget to let me know what you think.

Primark pulled out a colour wheel of shades! You are certinally stuck if you struggle on making decisions...  the colour variety are bold, adventurous, fearless and extraordinary. Something that I look for in new releases. I touched on this subject recently, but I still do love to see new ideas bought to the table. It's refreshing. There's a jade, emerald green metallic toned shade that you could practically make out your reflection in. This colour is fun, hard to style with but nothing that isn't worth the challenge but it also keeps the current 'in-style' almond shaped nail. Perfect for lovers of not wanting to venture out of their comfort zone too much. There is also a lilac metallic with a fleck of a grey undertone. Much more easy to style and a more commonly noticed colour but something gave me those unique vibes again, fresh and energizing. 

The hollographics jumped off the shelve at me too. Of course they did. They're in aren't they? I'm bound to reconginze something that's being raved about almost everywhere on every platform and now one of my favourite brands have released their own. All I could hear screaming over and over was you have to give them a try. I mean, inital thoughts? Basic. Nothing new here but i'm excited. Why? Because of the energy that everyone else has around me. It's a trend everyone is loving and you won't find out better than trying for yourself!

The problems that I came across whilst wearing this occurred in both the metallics and the holographics and it comes down to the quality. From my understanding with holographics, the layer of film that creates the funky-cool effect is quite sensitive. There are certain things you should avoid. Of course, practically this is never going to work. The vast majoirty of us are not going to stop doing normal everyday tasks just to not mess our nails up. However then applying this effect onto a plastic fake nail was never going to last long realistically. The film is really easily marked, scartached and worn away. It doesn't last long at all! Almost the same day it was starting to wear away and you're left with a matte undertone colour, usually just white. Your nails look unattractive and degraded. This seemed to be the case again but with the metallics.

However, when I compare these to other brands, especially Elegant Touch, I'm most impressed. Their Bora Bora Holiday Collection shocked me with their metallics and absolutely beautiful shade of pink (much more basic of course and not avaliable in a wide variety of shades). They did start to wear off eventually, therefore proving that it must be due to the effect on the nail but it was maybe a week until scratches started to appear never mind before it started to fade away.

To round this up and come to my conclusion, I won't buy these again from Primark. They're not good quality and did nothing but diappoint me. BUT, they didn't rob me. At least i'm not broke and disappointed right? I'd much rather pay more money for a better quality, longer lasting product and in this case i'd much rather go with brands such as Elegant Touch but unfortunatley, both of these brands are doing something that the other isn't. Invidivuality, extraordinary and super fun shade releases from primark with a bad quality product that won't last me a day but is cheap and cheerful for the time they do last or same old, same old resused, recycled colours on a super sturdy, high quality, more expensive product that will last me longer but i'm not exploring or experiementing with anything new or fun. What would you choose? 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I kept the type of content the same but switched up my writing. I want to introduce more brutality to my reviews. Keep them to the point and open for discussion. Let me know what you think regarding this topic.

I hope you have a lovely day! 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

Happy Wednesday! I'm currently writing this post in bed as I am recovering from an operation, so what better way to waste time (whilst I am currently not in pain) than to type away another post and reflect back on my weekend when I was blissfully enjoying the last bit of sunshine and breathing in fresh air whilst being surrounded by autumnal goodness. I mean, weekend envy right here! Either way, I hope you are all having a pleasant and groovy week and after today you've only got to get through 2 more days before the weekend arrives again, WUHU!

Jumping into my previous visit to a pumpkin patch... let me tell you, there is something so satisfying about seeing slates of bright orange in a natural environment. It brings the outdoors to life and if you weren't already feeling it, Autumn will hit you like a slap on the cheek.

Standing looking at the rows of oddly shaped pumpkins, massive pumpkins, tiny petit pumpkins and then the selection of different vegetables on the side that no one has ever seen in their life seems so easy to be able to just pick one of your choice but when you go to get stuck in, it's a whole different story! Finding the perfect pumpkin can actually be quite the challenge...

Every year we have a local farm (Brooklands Farm Guernsey) who harvest what seems like thousands and thousands of Pumpkins all different shapes and sizes and then puts together a pumpkin patch where you can come and choose your own and have a look around and explore. Up until last year i'd never been to a pumpkin patch and i'd always wanted to go. So we finally went and it was what finally bought Autumn altogether (no exaggeration - get yourself to a pumpkin patch PLEASE!!). To all of my Guernsey friends and family, if you haven't already expereienced this you've got to check it out! It's one of the cutest little outings and fun for the whole family! They even put out a little halloween spooky set up in a shed which is also super fun!

The smaller pumpkins are the cutest. Some of them are so small that they are not that great for carving but they're brill for decorating yourself and getting some DIY going. Same for the other types of vegetables. I'm not the best pumpkin carver therefore I deffo pick up the smaller ones to give myself a better chance... and of course, those funky shaped veggies can also get into my basket because BOY you're going to make my instagram sparkle and my blog LIGHT UP.

Has anyone visited a pumpkin patch yet? I mean the real question is has anyone started baking their pumpkin pie, soup or cake? Carved your spooky faces or crazy art designs? I so haven't got round to it but I can't wait. I'm so useless at carving a good pumpkin pattern but i'll give it my best shot this year.

I hope you have all enjoyed today's post and come back on Friday for another. Here are some more photos from the pumpkin patch below for you to enjoy. Share with me all of your experiences and pumpkin recipes. I hope you have a lovely day.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Travel - Amsterdam

I previously traveled to Amsterdam for 5 days and it was an experience. I went over with my boyfriend and we met some friends over there.

It is a beautiful city with canals everywhere you turn, indie shops, streets and side allyways that all look different and the most beautiful buildings. We explored the city by walking down different streets and taking a canal boat down tour. We visited Dam Square, went shopping, ate at a range of different caf├ęs and restaurants, visited the zoo, went to a few markets and what not.

I must say though, I'm not all that sure that I would go back to Amsterdam. Being used to such fresh sea air, it felt nothing but stuffy, hot and smelly. As you may or may not know that cannabis is legal in Amsterdam and people are free to roam the streets smoking it which of course pollutes the air with the worst smell I have ever smelt, totally not for me. Everywhere I went, it felt as if you couldn't really breathe in any fresh air at all which made me look forward to coming home even more. But this didn't stop me having an amazing time still!

Amsterdam is almost like a completely different world. Everything works differently to what I am used to from the trains being so spacious, not overcrowded and generally bigger to 

As you walk around, I noticed there were such a wide variety of different characters. Everyone was so unique. There were a lot of locals, students, tourists, and workers. Generally, the people were lovely and the service was generous pretty much everywhere we went. We stayed in the Renaissance hotel right in the center of the city. A beautiful hotel. It has a variety of restaurants around it so we weren't stuck for food even still you only had to venture through the streets to find a nice cafe.

Getting onto food, it was SO good. The food was always fresh and clean. We ranged from eating salads to salmon to famous fries to steak. There were a lot of Italian restaurants around (perfect for me).

For things to do during the day or evening we tended to visit different museums and the city is full of them! We went to the Amsterdam dungeons, completely different to what I was expecting but it was a fun experience. You learn a bit about the background of Amsterdam whilst basically watching a live 'performance' of actors reenacting it out. It was really cool the way it was presented! We of course went to the Red Light District, something that everyone has to see at least once. The way it was lit up with all of the different neon lights was actually pretty funky! We went to the zoo and I have never been to a zoo that mixes animals that randomly before! There were combinations of animals together that you just wouldn't expect. My favorite of course was the elephants, I LOVE elephants, they're my all time fave animal. There was a baby one and it was super cute. We went to the flower market which was beautiful, there were all sorts of different types of flowers but the most popular was obviously the tuplips as Amsterdam is famous for them.

As well as the flower market, we also went to a flea market which we walked foreverrrr to find. You deffo do a lot of walking and exploring which for me is SO fun. I love to experience new things and could walk for agesss in places like this just seeing the different lifestyle and culture. There was also a romantic vibe about the city. There were flowers everywhere and EVERYONE cycles around on bicycles which kind of reminds me of Paris (some sort of picture i've build up in my head). The arcitchure was phemonemal. It was one of the most beautiful things that i've ever seen actually. A lot of the buildings are very skinny and taller in size. Apparently, the wider your house used to be would reflect on your wealth. More wealthy people would pay for a bigger block of land for their house and a cheaper way to make it bigger would be to build upwards instead on outwards. Super interesting. Not two buildings look the same, a lot of them look wonky, they're different colours and very close together. There are also a few that lead straight out onto the canal instead of a pavement or a road, it's crazy!

It's another place that I have now ticked off my bucket list and i'm so glad that I have got to experience for myself as i've always heard a lot about the city but of course, it is never the same until you go and see for yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post about Amsterdam. Have you ever been and what are your opinions on the city? Do you have any trips planned over Autumn? My next city visit is London for some shopping and I can't wait! London is my all time favourite city and it's been too long since I was last in it! I hope you had a lovely day!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Mini Clothing Haul

I've got a small clothing haul for you today. I picked up a few different pieces a while back whilst I was visiting Amsterdam. I visited Bershka, H&M and Primark. Suprisingly I didn't spend a massive amount of money and I tried to steer more clear of summer clothes as, at this point, Autumn wasn't too far away. My fashion this Autumn is of course still maroon, greys, monochrome and browns but I am also tying in mustard, red, carky green and burnt pinks this year. I've really been experimenting more with the colour spectrum within clothes so I picked up a few bits that are different to what i'd normally wear as well as some pieces that had my name all over it.

Starting with the basics, keep me in my comfort zone type of clothes are baggy t-shirts with slogans across them. I got 2 plain white tops one reads 'Influencer' and the other 'Not your baby'. I actually already have the 'not your baby' top in a red, cropped vest which I got at the beginning of summer but this was a baggier, plainer version. Much more up my street. The same with the 'Influencer' tee. They are easy to style with pretty much anything at all, they also good for all year round not just the Autumn and they were pretty cheap! I got a massive burnt pink tee from Pull and Bear with an embroided black flower on the front that reads 'do your best' just under it. On the back, the embrodary continues to say 'feel the magic of new beginnings'. I actually saw this and really liked it. I knew it was such a me type of top to buy but I decided not to pick it up and it was only on my last day that I went back to get it because it was all I seemed to think about! It's super cute to style with black ripped jeans and some converse. Casual but cute.

On the more dressy side, I got a swede cami top in baby pink. I though this would go nicely with a pair of leather trousers and some heels on a evening out. I need to biggen up my wardrobe on the evening wear and stop buying on the oversized jumpers instead! But hey ho, you got to buy what you've got to buy!

The last thing that I bought was the most expensive, most exciting and most out of my comfort zone. There is something super exciting about buying something that you wouldn't normally wear because it's like you're trying out new things and new things are great. So, I bought an oversized jumper in carky green. On the front it reads 'HI BYE' in black embrodary. On the back and down the sleeves is has big black ribbon weaving in crosses in and out of metal holes. This completely changes the jumper and adds unique detailing to it. I don't know what made me most drawn to this but I can't get enough of it now I bought it! It was just under 30 euros but worth every penny.

I hope you enjoyed this little clothing haul of bits and bobs that I picked up on my travels. Don't forget to catch my last few posts! Next week I have some of my favourite posts planned to go live so stick around and the week after things are going to start getting spooky...

Let me know your thoughts and have you been picking up anything nice in the shops recently? I am yet to trawl the shops to view their Autumn ranges and actually spend, it's always a dangerous call spending money of clothing as it's never ending! I think i'll stick to online trawlling for now, knowing i'd have to wait so long kills me so I never end up ordering. Keeps me less broke I guess! Haha.

I hope you have a lovely day and catch you soon!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Autumn Stationary Haul

Happy Thursday! It's Friday tomorrow so there is soooo much to be happy about. YAY. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and today I have a mini Autumn stationary haul, what more could we ask for!

I thought I would make it a nice relaxed, easy read today. So sit back, get a cup of tea and some biscuits and had a little read.

Sooooo, the items that I want to show you today are actually all pretty much from Paperchase because I LOVE that shop and it has everything that you'll ever need.

Let's start off with diary's. Now, I do use a diary all year round but i'm one of those people who seem to get so many each Christmas that I never know which one I want to use to I chop and change throughout seasons. I am currently using (because totally autumnal vibes) is my 2017 diary from Organised Mum. I have never seen it as a store but it's deffo one of the best online stationary stores. They have all different types of organisers, calender's, accessories and in different styles. This diary includes a monthly layout, day by day layout, a page for birthdays, christmas planning pages, monthly budget planning pages. It's perfect for everything! The green, mustard and orange is what i'm about this time of year too...

I also picked up a 2017/18 diary from Paperchase. It is quite flimsy which I actually really love and on brown paper. It's layout is in a monthly boxed format and has a few pages in between each month for notes. This I use just for my blog - it's great to see what I am uploading when, what I have and haven't written or done a shoot for yet and it's a good size too! This was £8.

I also picked up a another little organiser in a blue soft touch cover which reads 'Optimist' in gold metallic. Inside it is formatted for you to plan certain aspects such as spending, your goals/dreams, habits, mood and exercise, . I thought that these were SO cool. There were other types of these for different occasions, for example, there was one for travelling. This was £10. This is perfect for the upcoming new year to set out your goals and achievements or just for general organisation.

Lastly, I picked up a few little positivity cards which I think are actually supposed to be postcards. I picked up a yellow card with a white had which reads 'Stay Positive' and a black and white patterned background card which reads 'Make It Happen' in orange print. The last one I bought was a plain white card with a colourful rainbow and bees which reads 'Bee Happy and Smile'. Too cute. I thought these colours fitted right in with the whole autumnal vibes and a little motivation and inspiration cannot hurt anyone! They are super cute and you can hang them up, give them to someone, stick them in a journal or diary or just keep them out on your desk to read. These were 80p each.

I hope you enjoyed today's little autumnal haul. Stay motivated during Autumn! It's basically an excuse to switch up your stationary so go on, treat yourself. I must also quickly mention, I'm loving gel pens recently too. I'm using them ALL the time, so much fun. If you're not a fan of writing, give these a try...  it might make it more fun! :) Stay around for some more Autumn fun this upcoming weekend. Have a wonderful Thursday and remember to check out my previous posts! I hope you have a lovely day!

Monday, 9 October 2017

Cider Tasting

Welcome back to Autumn With Amba! I have a different kind of post for you today, much like some of my travel posts but instead it was a visit to a cider farm! How exciting. 

If you read my Autumn bucket list then you'll know that cider tasting was listed. This is something that i've never attended before. Honestly, i've never really tasted cider before either so that was a brand new experience for me. I usually drink wine and after finding different wines that I love, it just never crossed my mind to sprawl out and try different types of ciders. Who would of thought there were so many flavours.

For some reason, I associated cider with Autumn so this was the perfect time of year to give it a go and it turned out to be so much fun!

I went to a local, family-run, organic cider farm which we were shown around the apple orchid, saw the machines of where the cider and apples are processed to make the cider and then went on up to the cheese and cider tasting where we could try it for ourselves.

The whole farm was generally beautiful. There was a massive old farm house which overlooked the apple trees and a big pond full of ducks and fish. We were super lucky with the weather as it was a sunny Autumns day just as the sun was starting to go down which did the house, barn and farm complete justice. In fact, it kind of felt like summer (I didn't want to say it - but it did) because the temperature wasn't fresh or cold, it was pretty hot.

When you arrive at the farm, there are two massive boxes full of apples of display. You can actually trade in your apples for cash or cider in exchange and its called the 'apple swap'. It's a great way to save any apples that would jut be going to waste and instead get transformed into cider or juice. What a brill idea!

After walking around and seeing the different types of apple trees and learning about how they are harvested and how they are then transformed into cider we went into the barn to try it out for ourselves. 

There were different types of ciders, the original Roquettes cider was by far my fave. With most things you can never beat the original but super fun that they also make a load more that come in all sorts of different flavourings. There were flat ciders, cloudy ciders, dry ciders, medium ciders and raspberry ciders. They make an apple juice which is purely local. Members of the local community bring their apples and then it is transformed into a crisp, refreshing apple juice. They had flavoured gin, vodka, rum and whisky. I gave the gin a try but it's not for me... They also made their own chutney and spicy chutney that was available to try and a small selection of Guernsey cheeses and crackers. I tried a chilli cheddar cheese which was so yum however chutney isn't really for me so I didn't give that one a go.

It's a great social event for any group of people to get together and attend and learn a bit about the background of how the cider is made and see around the place but to also get to try out the different types and put in an order at the end if theres anything you want to get your hands on. Super fun! Let me know if you've ever done anything like this!

I hope that you enjoyed today's post and be sure to come back for more on Thursday! Catch up previously on my Autumn With Amba sereis. Don't forget to follow me on all my social media for regular updates to. 

I hope you have a lovely day!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Vanilla Pumpkin Collection Review - The Body Shop


The vanilla pumpkin scent The Body Shop has recently dropped really fascinated me. Even though it is the same scent throughout the collection, all of the different products seem to smell different. So I am going to be giving you a little review.

The first thing I tried in store was the Vanilla Pumpkin Shimmer Mist. As soon as I tried this I thought I was going to be overall disappointed with the collection. The smell of pumpkin has never really settled well with me in products as it is but I was hoping that the vanilla would sweeten it up well. When I smelt the shimmer mist it was 100% nothing that I would reach to spray on myself on the daily. It's waaaaay too sweet for me and there is something about spraying something that smells like pumpkin on me that didn't feel right. This was the only product out of the collection that I didn't actually purchase because it would of been a complete waste of money as I would of just never of used it.

By FAR my fave product from this collection is the shower gel. It's a smooth, soothing lather that has the best 'type' of scent out of the whole range. It also makes me feel a little bit Christmassy when I layer myself up in it which makes my heart a whole lot happier. The scent of this is much more vanilla based and although it didn't feel right to be spraying a pumpkin scented perfume on me, I will happily enough over myself in this! 

My favorite packaging is the Body Butter but my least favorite product out of what I purchased. I do love a good thick moisturizer during the winter but it's a but it's a bit soon for me just yet. The scent in this wasn't as strong as any of the others, I want to say it's because of the type of product that it is. Its presented in their usual rounded plastic tubs with a black rind and orange base and background. There is a pumpkin on the lid printed with festive patterns and vanilla in the background. Super pretty.

The last thing in the collection is the hand cream. Now there is nothing better than the Almond Body Shop Hand and Nail cream obviously but this one is pretty fun. It's not that type of product where I am going to panic that it is limited edition and stock up to have as much as I possibly can to last me but it's nice to have over the next few months as a little one off treat. It's also a bit more sickly than I'm used to but has a warming smell to it. Of course does the job exactly the same as all of the others, silky smooth skin!

I am happy with this collection that The Body Shop has released. As I mentioned, it is limited edition so check it out before it leaves the stores! Definitely try out the shower gel if you get the chance and have an autumnal pamper evening!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and make sure you catch up on my previous Autumn With Amba posts and stick around for another on Tuesday! I hope you have a lovely day.