Monday, 4 December 2017

Christmas Candle Collection

 Last year I was gifted some Christmas candles on Christmas which I never got round to lighting up as I finished off my already burning ones I had on the go therefore I had my Christmas candle collection started early this year. There was no doubt about it that I wasn't going to add to it as time went on. 

My favourite candle brand as you may or may not know is Yankee Candle. I never really steer far away from them. I did light a Zoella candle in the middle of the year but they could still never come close to what Yankee Candle produce. SO, let's start by kciking it off with my Christmas Yankee Candles. 

1. Christmas Eve
2. Manadrin and Cranberry
3. Sparking Cinnamon
4. Cinnamon
5. Red Apple Wreath
6. Winters Glow

Depending on what mood i'm in varies on which candle I light. Some smell more christmassy than others. For example the most christmassy one for me is Red Apple Wreath. This candle has been out for years and my mums house always smells of this at Christmas. This candle is infused with sweet apple, cinnamon, walnuts and maple. Those ingreidences scream Christmas baking but the candle itself doesn't. Don't be decieved but you'll deffo NOT be disappointed. It get's me into the festive sprit almost immediately! I love to throw a bit of a fruity scent in there too. The Mandarin and Cranberry is super appealing aswell. It's still got that hint of cinnamon shining through but very subtly. But it actually is not infused with cinnamon, only orange and cranberry. During October/November, I managed to burn my way through Christmas Eve as it was the only Christmas candle that I had on hand and it quickly became one of my monthly faves (stay tuned!), this scent isn't as strong as some of the others but soon spreads quickly around the room creating a homely, cozy feeling.

Another brand which I have recently discovered which is SO underrated (you may have seen me breifly mention it over on my Instagram) is WoodWick. My mum actually discovered them and they are probably a bit more expensive than Yankee Candles and i've only experienced 1 particular flavour but it's delicious. It is Spiced Blackberry. A very autumnal looking candle being a deep purple but has christmassy hints about it. The best thing about this brand is they produce these candles to have a cracking sound as they burn, something I find relaxing and thepraputic to listen to. I'd reccomend you delving into this brand and giving them a go if you are a huge candle fan like myself.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the different scents i've collected overtime. What is your favourite Christmas candle?

I hope you have a lovely day!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Ruthless Red Lippys

Let me guess, you're raking through your make-up to pull out for old red lippys because it's that time of year again where it's not acceptable to not make the most of wearing a bold red lip because Santa's coming and you've GOT to be prepared. Worry no more, don't even consider raking through your old make-up, don't panic about having to do your research into finding a decent red lipstick because i've got you COVERED. Treat yourself, get yourself a brand new one (and throw out those old ones whilst you're at it, if you ever find them that is...).

I am going to talk about 3 of my favourite red lipsticks that I chop and change between. So starting off with the cheapest, its the NYX Swede Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Kitten Heels. This is quite a bright red although it doesn't always look it when you're swatching it. Personally it always seems to be a lot brighter once it's actually on your lips. A few people have commented that it is a bright lipstick (nothing wrong with a bright lippy) so i'd definatley say it's the most 'neon' of them all. It has the most georgous texture, it's luxurious and totally in a decent price range.

Next is the typical Mac - Ruby Woo. A popular red shade for Mac and if you have never heard of this one then you've got to give it a try! It's a very matte consistency but does not dry out your lips like many other matte lipsticks. It's easy to apply but can be a bit of pain for getting it everywhere as it doesn't completely dry out.

My third lipstick is the Dior Rouge Liquid Lipstick in the shade 999. This is a super luxurious product that made me fall back in love with a beautiful red lip. This is long lasting and blend in nicely - it doesn't leave a sharp outline, leaving your make-up looking slightly more natural instead of plastered on.

I find myself devling into more red lippys during the festive period to keep extra christmassy and of course to match my super sparkly ruby slippers of nails. Fab!

I hope you enjoyed today's post stick around for tomorrows! I hope you have a lovely day!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

DIY - Christmas Wreaths

This year i've been extremely creative and have trolled my way through Pinterest for hours looking for different ideas to try out myself. My fortay has definatley been my Christmas wreaths and everyone is loving them!

Here you can find out how to make your own and just how easy it is!

You Will Need:
- Foam Wreath Base
- Glue Gun
- Wire for hanging 
- Decorative features (baubles, glitter, pine cones, dried oranges, tinsel, cinnamon sticks etc)

Bauble Wreaths:

These are the easiest to make for sure and also the quickest.

1. Grab yourself some baubles that you love, turn your glue gun on and let it heat up and get your foam wreath base.

2. Cut off any string that might be on your baubles and pull off the hook (some can easily be pulled off, some you can screw off).

3. Simply glue the area on the foam wreath that you are going to place your first bauble and stick it down, holding it for about 10-15 seconds to ensure that it is secure in place. 

4. Repeat step 3 and build it up. Chop and change colours if you're going to mix it up and you can also layer them on top of one another. It's all about your own personal preference of how much you build them up.

Top Tip - I bought some nice coloured baubles but you can also get yourself down to the pound shop and get foam balls which are already decorated (no fiddiling about with string or having to remove the hooks). They are ready to go and come in add different shapes and sizes so it makes a cooler effect at the end!)

Natural Wreaths:

These take slightly longer but are more simple and elegant. Whatever takes your fancy.

1. Grab your foam wreath base, heat up the glue gun and get some mini pine cones, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks. Also feel free to use other wooden bits and the wood goes nicely with the oranges/cinnamon sticks. I used stars for one of mine. (If you can't get enough glitter then you can always add glitter onto your pine cones - lightly dust some PVA glue over them and sprinkle glitter over them. Leave to try and then they are ready to go!)

2. Put some hot glue onto where you are going to place your first item and hold it in place for about 20-30 seconds depending on how heavy the item is. Then repeat! Mix up the different types of items you use to create more of a random pattern.

Hanging them up:

If you want to hang your wreath up, take some wire (a paperclip even works) or a suction cup and pierce it through the back. Attach string and whala... there you have it! 

Money Saving Tips:

1. First off, by making them yourself you are already saving a fortune by not buying one and they are so expensive in the first place!

2. If you want to use pine cones then go and collect them yourself instead of buying them. Thats what I did!

3. If you're planning on making a few different wreaths then think about bulk buying your equpitment - it will work out cheaper! Amazon is calling...

4. Don't forget about the pound shop... who knows what you can find!

5. The dried oranges are the most expensive part of this whole project. Costing just under £5 therefore to save yourself even more money, consider drying them out yourself. It could be fun as well as cost effective!

6. Go through all of your Christmas decorations and see if there is anything that you won't be using, try and reuse things if they are going to be thrown away!

7. Charity shops can be your best friend in this situation. Especially around Christmas time where everyone is clearing out their decorations.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I must also add on the end is that this is SO theraputic. I love making these wreaths as I get to keep my creative side happy and also focus on something completely different. Give it a go! If you liked this post let me know and I might just give you another DIY as these aren't the only thing's I am making this Christmas... stay tuned!

I hope you have a lovely day!

Friday, 1 December 2017

Top 3 Winter Face Masks

Relax, unwind, breath. I don't know about you but counting down the number of days until Christmas has become completely terrifying. Thinking about how much i've got to do in such a small amount of time has made me nothing but stressed. 

My favourite way to relax is to have myself a pamper night, which of course always involves a face mask. So, I'm going to share with you my top 3, especially the best for getting into winter.

In no particular order..

1. The Body Shop - Chinese Ginseng & Rice.

A mask that i've mentioned many times before. It's basically a 2 in 1 giving you all the benefits from a face mask but also giving you an exfoliator. I love the granels of rice in the formular, you can really feel it doing something to your skin when you massage it in and in contrast with the creamy base makes a really nice combination. It's also a super cooling mask if you've been spending a bit too long around the fire. Smells delicious and looks hilarious, what more could you want.

2. Origins - Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask

This was my first ever Origins product that I purchased. It is infused with charcoal which acts as a magnet to draw out any grossness in your pores and it's so dreamy. It pulls out all the crap in your face and leaves your skin feeling fresh and well cleaned. I must add though, it is quite intense and the formular is heavy but it does what it is supposed to do and you'll definatley breath a sigh of relieve once you've washed it off.

3. The Body Shop - Warming Minerals Mask

Shock, another Body Shop product. I am obsessed and love their stuff I can't help it! I can't reccomend this mask enough for this time of year. As you lather your face in this stuff it warms up in your hands and on your face. It's soothing and leaves your face feeling soooo smooth.This formular is very thick and feels as if you have 5 layers of foundation on your face but do not let this put you off! The warming sensation makes it feel much lighter and either way you're relaxed.

Now go and grab yourself your favourite face mask, run a bubble bath and watch a film or read a book and unwind. 

What's your top 3 face masks? I'd love to know - come back tomorrow for another day of blogmas fun.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Monday, 30 October 2017

November Goals

There is something about writing down your goals that makes me feel like I have my life together. I love to know what I am working towards otherwise I feel like I am doing things that have no direction even though this is hardly ever the case.

After October being a bit hicklety picklety I am ready for a fresh month to hit me. So here are my following goals I have set out

1. Do 30 minutes of exercise a day

I stopped going to the gym a few weeks before I had stomach surgery and obviously can't rush back after having it done so exercising has stopped across the board which has made me feel in a huge horrible slump and I want to snap out of it. So I've set myself a more realistic goal of doing 30 minutes of exercise a day. I'm not going to be able to hit up the gym on November 1st because I'm still not fully recovered but I can go on a nice long walk where it gets me outside and doing something more energetic and active. I'm doing this in hope of slowly incorporating working out back into my routine.

2. Start having re-energising Sundays

Most Sunday's I take to get everything ready for the upcoming week but it doesn't always end up being a relaxing time and much more stressful. I want to spend Sundays but organising my calendar, cleaning my space, planning my meals, doing the washing, having a nice long walk, a bath and a face mask and unwinding after a hectic weekend and prep for the week to come.

3. Get serious Christmas planning

So, of course, Christmas was going to be mentioned. I mean it's a next month when November hits and I couldn't be more excited. Being so organised, the majority of my Christmas shopping has been completed and now I want to focus on planning a few little surprises and getting everything looking like a glittery festive grotto.

4. Start a new hobby

I am desperate to learn how to dutch braid my own hair so I'm going to invest some of my time into learning how to do something new. I'm too busy this time of year to take up something completely new so this is a mini challenge that I am going to set myself to achieve by the end of the month. Wish me luck!

5. Get 8 hours of sleep a night

BIG news, I finally found the perfect amount of time that I need to have of sleep to be able to fully function and stay productive throughout the day. I've tried under sleeping and over sleeping 8 hours and either or I feel soooo much more exhausted. So to be able to stay on top of the world, I want to make sure that I keep this up and make it part of my routine.

I hope you enjoyed reading my November goals - I can't wait to get cracking this Wednesday and get back into a routine and have a fresh start. Who is with me?! I love setting goals. Has anyone got anything cool planned for November or anything they are working towards?

I hope you have a lovely day.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Autumn/Halloween Homeware

Now that i've had to pack away the floral bed sheets, palm tree print blankets and brightly coloured cushions along with all the fun exciting shaded flowers. It's time to bring out the orangey tones and thick cozy throws, the spiced scented candles and fairy lights! 

Keep on reading to delve into finding out where I picked up some of the cutest little bits and bobs for my Autumn decor and also maybe some tips and tricks for how you can make your space extra homely this fall! Instead of doing a seperate post for my Halloween homeware, I thought I would incorporate it into this one as they tie into one another.

I've been waiting to get this post up for agesssss now. If you're into changing up what your bedroom or house looks likes as the seasons come and go then you'll know slowly transforming it into looking like that you want it to look like takes time and effort. You need to find the right things and by the time you've finally found what you want, you then have to place it where look right and thats a full time job in itself!!

I hope you can take some inpiration from this post and let me know where you've been loving to get your Autumn homeware bits and bobs from this fall, i'd love to know. 

So as part as my Autumn bucket list, I wanted to go conker collecting. So off I went and filled up a bag of conkers and then actually put them in some clear glass jars that I picked up a few years ago from Ikea. They came 4 in a pack and I only ended up using 1 or 2 for hair products and never used the other ones since. Anyway, this was a perfect idea! I filled up 2 and you can place them anywhere. They look super cute as you can see them through the glass and mix well with some autumnal flowers or candles.

Talking of clear glass, I am really into the different shaped vases that are just plain and simple but glass so that you can see through. You can vamp them up yourself if you like a bit of DIY or just keep them plain and simple. I chose some autumnal coloured dried up buds and blooms to put on my bed-side table. They all go super cute together and compliment one another really well. If you did want to DIY some plain glass vases you could use things like ribbons to tie around the top of it or get some funky stickers and decorate them! Do your research and get creative! The other thing that I have done is filled up some of the bottom of the vase with red buttons to match my red rose. This gives it just a bit more life and adds a little bit of fun to the ornament. Another brill way to DIY - find bits and bobs you can fill the bottle of the vase with (if your plants are fake obviously) things like buttons, stones, sand or shells. Anything you can think of!

I also got out some of my christmas candles (too soon? probably. But I just couldn't wait and they were staring me in the face). They make my room smell AMAZING and also genuinely look pretty too. They are obviously Yankee Candles, my fave candle brand, and this year I am loving Cinnamon Stick, Mandarin Cranberry, Christmas Eve and Orange Spice. There is something about the spiced scent that I am loving this year for sure. I personally love the Yankee Candle jars that the candles come in and think they look super pretty out on display so they are definitely something else that is completing my Autumn vibed look this year.

My bedding for autumn is forever changing of course. But this year i've gone for plain white sheets and changed things up with the throws that I layer it up with. I've got a tartan red, orange and cream blanket that I lay over the top and also a plain red fluffy blanket to switch things up. I got a fake leave garland with orange/red leaves along a yellow stem which is so super autumnal and so cheap too! I just got this from Amazon, these are so perfect to sprinkle around anywhere you want to add in a bit more orange for those extra autumnal vibes.

I've got some veggies that are odd and funnily shaped that only cost 50p. They are not going to last forever but for now they fit in perfect with the Autumn vibes that I have going on and make those isntagrams even more appealing.

Onto the spooky part of the post... of course with halloween fastly approaching us I also made my room a little creepy with some small halloween details. I shopped mainly on amazon and pound world actually. I picked up some paper laterns which are imprinted with the cutest designs! One is a smiling spider, one is a ghost and one is a pumpkin. All three were only 1 pound. I also got from the pound shop, a halloween reef with black tinsel and pumpkins dangling down, a light up ceramic pumpkin figure which flashes multi coloured (how super cool), 2 halloween snow globes which are SO SO cute. One being a pumpkin and one being a skeleton. I picked up a sign which reads 'wicked' and has a smiling witch cat on sprinkled with glitter. To add to my collection from amazon, I got some black baubles (matte, patent and glittery) and fake plastic pumpkins which I stuffed in a lantern which I use all year round with some primark £1 fairy lights and tah dah! A beautiful halloween pumpkin mess. A cute mess of course. Lastly, I filled a vase with fake plastic spiders and changed up my normal red fake rose with a black and red dying fake rose to add extra spook, put out a little lantern light and added a pumpkin window sticker to my chestnut pot and there we have it. A little pumpkin, halloween shrine of fun and I love it!

 I hope that you enjoyed looking into a bit of my homeware collection for this fall and halloween. Where have your been buying your bits and bobs from this year? I'd love to know.

Stay around for Monday where I am back with a Motivational Monday's. Make sure you're prepared for Halloween! How will you be celebrating and do you celebrate?

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Switching from Simple to Nivea

Back in the summer, I discovered my love for Nivea products. After falling over the brand and only using their products in an emergancy situation, I realised that it was time to invest some money into exploring more of their range and to my suprise it's become high in my top 3 skincare brands.

I personally think that their range of skin care is so underrated and under raved about. All my life ever since I can remember I have been a Simple skin care mad. I used to struggle with extreme sensitive skin before ever knowing much about beauty and showing a intense interest towards it. I didn't know what I could use and what I couldn't so when I found Simple which was glorious for sensitive skin and coorporated well with my skin care routine, I adjusted to a pleasured skin finish. I have tried other products here and there from variety of different brands and have come across a range of different products that I liked and still use of occasion but nothing that would replace my staple, Simple. For all of these years I thought I would always end up coming back to Simple skin care products and nothing could quite beat it but obviously, I was wrong. Nivea opening a brand new type of love for skin care for me. When you come across a product that you love from a specific brand, you instantly are intrigued to try out more and from this I expanded my range of Nivea products and developed my knowledge about their products from using them overtime. How fab is it to look forward to removing your make up and taking care of your skin instead of having it a chore and dreading it. Helps with never missing that face wash or cleanse.

Moisturising has always been something that I haven't had the best experiences with. I hate the feeling of my skin feeling tacky and sticky and many moisturisers did this for me, even Simple. Just a little less than any of the others. BUT, this is where I am incorrect. As also mentioned in a previous post back in the summertime where I talk about my discovery story and developing my love for Nivea, this is the first brand that I have come across that have produced a moisturiser that isn't sticky or tacky or takes hours to sink in. The consistency is runnier than Simple, which personally I prefer. It makes it easier to blend into your skin and doesn't feel as thick. If you do prefer a less watery consistency, don't you worry! I have found that the Nivea Creme is a lot thicker for a moisturiser, I almost want to desceribe it as a butter but it's not as you can feel it's just a little less watery than a butter would be. I turn to this when my skin is at it's worst and really needs some TLC. Normally this comes down to personal preference though. With Simple, their consistency stays the same throughout their moisturisers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on Simple. I still love some of their products and use them. My drawers are still stacked with their skin care and i'm not planning on throwing it away. You don't just lose your love for something that you have used for years and years but i've moved onto something better. Nivea works for me. It's fantastic on my skin type and I feel as though as a brand Nivea aren't talked about enough, they are slightly cheaper than Simple and it's products has a fresh, almond scent.

As far as I am aware the only difference between the two brands is that I haven't come across Nivea having released any face masks as of yet however Simple have produced one. I may be wrong, I haven't done in depth research around this but there are never any on show or in stock in stores if they have released any and I've never heard anyone talk about them before. Simple hasn't released a lip balm whereas Nivea has. It's a softening, non greasy stick that glides on when applied. Both of the brands have released different things that the other might not of, which is fine, each brand is individual to itself. The benefits of both weighed up probably varies on personal preference but if i'm being completely honest, Nivea offers something for everyone whatever your skin type! Must I mention you're also not paying the extortionate prices. Side note, both brands actually produce some of their items in mini form (which I adore) perfect for travelling, overnight stays, short breaks or just general day to day on the go! Could not live without these.

To round up today's post, do me a favour and go and grab yourself a Nivea product. Especially if you have a spare few pounds. Give it some time and try it out. I reccommend their moisturiser (in particular the Express Hydration Body Lotion. It's not a thick consistency and I swear by this stuff! This is what made me fall in love with moisturing my skin and keeping it hydrated. It made skin care fun again. It might work the same for you, give it a go.

I hope you love skin care as much as I do and are intrigued to give this brand a try. Do you own any Nivea products that you love? I'd love to know. I hope you have a lovely day!